About Us

* Note – we are located in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Contact us to be added to our mailing list. Please call 303-989-6666 to make reservations – we cannot book rooms or services by email.


We do NOT allow any pets in rooms or public areas.


We do not allow any food in our pool areas but are providing an indoor picnic area during the winter from 11am to 3pm. We ask that you be courteous to others and clean up after yourselves. You may bring beverages (no alcohol) in plastic bottles into the pool area.

There are many great places to eat in the town of Idaho Springs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Book our package deal and get a $20 dinner coupon to use at  Azteca Mexican Restaurant, Hilldaddy’s Wildfire Restaurant, The Smokin Yards BBQ or Da Rivuh.


Mineral Content of the Water

Calcium 150 ppm needed for bones, cartilage, proper blood clotting, nerve and muscle functioning
Fluoride 3.5 ppm gives hardness and stability to surface of bones and teeth
Iron 1,000 ppb supports metabolism and normal cellular functioning
Magnesium 38 ppb needed to maintain muscles and hormones
Manganese 70 ppb helpful for strong bones and collagen production
Phosphorus .05 ppb produces energy and builds new tissue
Selenium .05 ppb involved in electron transfer and the release of energy
Silica 58 ppm gives strength to bones, nerves, mucous membranes, hair and nails
Sodium 520 ppm involved in proper functioning of nerve impulses and muscles
Sulfate 420 ppm essential for healthy bones, hair, nails and also fluids in joints and vertebral discs
Zinc 10 ppb needed for tissue repair

Local Attractions

 Downtown Idaho Springs  Georgetown Loop Railroad  Mt Evans Scenic Byway
Downtown Idaho Springs – Take a stroll down Miner Street where prospectors, railmen and other fortune seekers walked 100 years ago. Many Victorian buildings have been restored and you will find unique shopping and quality restaurants at affordable price Georgetown Loop Railroad – Take a six mile trip on the steam train past spectacular alpine scenery and the breathtaking Devil’s Gate Bridge (open May – October) Mt. Evans Scenic Byway – At 14,264 ft this is the highest paved road in North America. Enjoy the incredible vistas and access to over 100 miles of hiking trails (open in summer only)
 Argo Gold Mine Idaho Springs  Central City / Blackhawk  Rafting & Zip Line Denver Idaho Springs
Argo Gold Mill – Book a tour of this National Historic site and try your hand at gold panning Central City / Blackhawk – A hot spot for gamblers with slot machines, blackjack and roulette located only 10 miles from Idaho Springs Rafting and Zip Line – For the outdoor adventure sport enthusiasts there are many rafting companies and even cliffside zipline tours (spring and summer only)